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Can you move my site for me?

October 25, 2013     0 comments

We sure can. As long as your old host was using cPanel. Transfers can take up-to 24 hours to complete.

Please open a support ticket with the following information after you have registered with us:

Old Hosting Account IP / Hostname:

  1. The server at your old web host.  Typically this was given to you when you signed up with your old host
  2. If your domain name still points to your old web host, you can enter your domain name, since we can figure out what the IP address is from that.  If you already changed your DNS and pointed the domain to us, we would need the old host server's IP address or hostname to locate your old site

Old hosting account domain:

  1. The domain name with your old hosting account

Old hosting account cPanel username and password:

  1. The username and password you use to login to your old host's cPanel

Old hosting account cPanel URL:

  1. To login to your old host's cPanel. Please provide us the URL you use to access your cPanel

Old hosting account FTP server / IP:

  1. The IP address or hostname that you would use to connect to your old hosting account via FTP. We need FTP access to transfer your files

Old Hosting Account FTP username and password:

  1. The username and password for your FTP account. For some web hosts this is the same as your control panel username and password, but not always

* Do not notify your current host of cancellation unless absolutely necessary until we have transferred your account

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